Susan Nelson

As a counsellor I believe the most important thing is to create a safe place to explore whatever it is the client wishes to bring to the counselling space.

To assist with this, along with many other skills, I bring non-judgmental, empathic listening to every person that walks in the room.

I work with individuals, both men and women on a large range of issues including family and other relationship issues, separation, family violence, depression, anxiety, life direction, work/life balance, communication, past trauma and childhood experiences. I also work with couples at all stages of relationship including preparation for serious commitment, moving into family life, empty nest, later life, remarriage and blended families.

I have had experience working with men and women in a generalist counselling program. I also have experience in groupwork and relationship maintenance. I like to work from a person’s strengths, working to integrate all parts of their being: body, mind, emotions and soul in order to help people make sense of their life experiences and lead more fulfilling lives. I use a range of modalities to suit individual needs, focussing on the humanistic modalities more specifically, working to focus on an individual’s own wisdom and knowledge of themselves to bring about healthy meaningful change.